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Our staff is experts on community resources and by helping clients navigate these systems; CIAC is providing management of services the victim is receiving. CIAC advocates assist survivors in determining their own course of action. Advocates work with survivors to recognize and utilize their own strengths and provide information about domestic violence and available resources.

Trauma informed domestic abuse counseling and support groups are offered by CIAC domestic abuse advocates. Every domestic abuse victim/survivor CIAC serves receives trauma informed counseling and care. CIAC DA support groups are also trauma focused and provide time and opportunity for self-determination. Victims must be allowed to self-determine their victimizations and where they are in their healing journey. Our staff understands that adverse life experiences are common among people seeking services and need safe ways to express those experiences. We aim to train other agencies on using trauma informed approaches as well so the victim/survivors we work with receive holistic, trauma informed care as they utilize systems available in the community.

24 hour toll free crisis line 1-800-400-4884